Affiliate Pay Per Click Programs

By Beth Swansons

All websites cost money to run, and a really great way to bring in extra money to pay for them is to host pay per click ads. At the most basic level, you place advertisements on your website that run through an affiliate network. Whenever a visitor clicks through on one of the ads, the advertiser has to pay the affiliate network a little amount of money. The affiliate network will then pay you a portion of that for each click.

Each ad will have an associated cost per click that will depend on how popular your website is and the number of visitors that click on the ad from it. If you run a website with millions of unique visitors a day, you will be able to charge more money per ad than if your website has hundreds of visitors a year. The relevance of your website to an advertiser might also help to determine how much you can make from each ad. A company wishing to advertise on a website featuring lots of relevant, interesting and popular content can expect to pay a premium, but will often get better returns on their advertising investment.

If you run a website and are interested in using this kind of advertising, then you will probably have to work with a ppc marketing agency that will be able to sell the ads on your website to advertisers. These agencies work as middle men who place PPC ads for their clients, which results in sales for you. There are two main methods that are used to set the price for the ads-a fixed price or an auction based price. With a fixed price pay per click program, the advertisers will pay the same amount for each click irrespective of which page hosts the ad. For auction based pricing, there is an auction between advertisers to host the ad on your pages, and the winning bidder will have the best placed ads on your site.

The marketing agency will produce a report showing the number of clicks that took place, as well as an invoice for the amount owed from each advertiser. This report will be produced on a regular basis and can be used to monitor the progress of the campaign against the advertising budget.

One the biggest problems facing advertisers running a ppc campaign is click fraud. This happens when a person or an automated script that has no interest in the advertiser clicks on an ad repeatedly. It is an underhanded way of running down a company’s advertising budget. There have been several convictions for click fraud so far. By regularly checking the reports, an advertiser should be able to spot any attempts at click fraud, and automated systems for detecting it are improving all the time.

Whether you run a small website in your spare time or a large website for your business, anything that can help you pay for it has got to be good. A well-run ppc program can certainly bring in some extra income and make paying for your web site that much easier. You never know-you just might be able to bring in enough to make it a full time job.

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